Foundation Inspection San Diego

If you’re planning to improve the condition and quality of your home and business, then you came to the right place!

San Diego Foundation Repair provides foundation inspections and maintenance services to residential and commercial facilities. This is one of the best things you can do first before you purchase or sell your property. Give us a call or visit our website so we can assist you with your concerns.

Foundation Repair Problem, Solved!

Plumbing leaks, drainage, and poor soil conditions are just some of the reasons why a foundation fail. The good thing is – there are a lot of options available in terms of repairing your foundation. Basically, you need to determine the problems in your home – like sloping floors – and the reasons behind these. At San Diego Foundation Repair, one of the goals is to find out what started everything – and we believe that it’s best to check the interior of the home first before we proceed with the exterior and crawlspace (if applicable). To come out with the best foundation repair inspection, we believe that we need to thoroughly check the entire home or office space so we can come out with the right solutions.

Our mission, as one of the top foundation repair service companies, is to provide the most accurate repair for residential and commercial spaces, in accordance with State and Local Building Codes. We also keep in mind to provide a practical solution, therefore, our services are available at a reasonable price. You and your property are our top priorities so we come out with a solution that is both affordable and of high quality. So if you’re looking for the best foundation repair inspection in San Diego, then look no further! Give us a call now or contact us through our website.

Whether you’re looking for specific maintenance or you want an overall repair, here are some of the services we offer:

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Earthquake Retrofitting
  • Foundation Inspection
  • Foundation Replacement
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Soft Story Retrofitting

Foundation Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Our foundation repair company does not just focus on giving the right inspection and maintenance service to your facilities, we also aim to equip you with the right knowledge so you’ll know how important it is to ask for professional assistance. Neglecting a cracked slab or worn out stemwall is a usual scenario that may lead to further problems.

To help you understand more about the nature of foundation repair, here are some of the frequently asked questions:

  1. Are Foundation Bolts Important In Every Home?

Foundation bolts are essential tools when attaching a wood sill plate to the concrete perimeter. It’s important for a home to have this as bolts secure the house to the foundation in case of an unlikely event, such as an earthquake.

  1. How Do I Know If My Stemwall Is No Longer Usable?

Concrete is composed of cement, sand, and aggregate and once the aggregate is exposed, it obviously calls for a worn out stemwall. If you see that the flat surface is damaged and revealing stones, it probably suggests that the concrete has already run-down