How Can Foundation Problems Affect The Value Of Your Home In San Diego

The home’s value is an important factor to consider all the time, regardless if you’re planning to stay there for a lifetime or you’re putting it on sale the next month. Therefore, you need to look at a lot of things that can affect its value, such as its foundation.

There are several factors involved when it comes to the relationship between foundation damage and relationship value. It seems like a simple matter you can explain to anyone but in reality, it is complex. There are various causes of foundation damage and each affects the resale value of the property differently. For instance, one home is suffering from roofing problems while the other asset is affected by slab flooring. No matter what the issue is, it gets to the same point: foundation damage affects the home negatively and it can decrease the home’s value by 10-20 percent. That means thousands of the home’s worth, thus it’s just important to have it addressed in the soonest possible time to avoid further problems.

Here are several ways on how foundation problems affect the value of your property:

  1. Repair Costs

Whether you’re planning to keep the home or put it in the market, someone needs to attend to the repair costs of the structural damage. Regardless of who will take care of it, you – as the owner – will be the one who will handle it. This means hiring the right foundation repair contractor or at least, lessening the overall amount to offset the repair cost.

When talking about the cost of the repair, you need to consider these things: the size of your property, the severity of damage, and other factors. It can be as low as $500 up to $30,000, thus to avoid the paying for a lot more, be sure to fix the problem as soon as possible.

  1. Reduced Curb Appeal

First impressions last – and your home is not an exemption. If you’re planning to sell your home and the potential buyer sees cracked ceilings, sagging floors, or even wrinkled wallpapers, there’s a good chance that they will turn the offer down.

Even a history of foundation repair can be a major turn off and one of the ways to make your home appealing is to lower its price. Otherwise, it may take a long time for your property to be sold.

  1. Deal With Referred Symptoms

For instance, you purchased a home with foundation issues and you decided to ignore it for a while. This may lead you to deal with “referred symptoms” or problems that come out of the damage.

May it be due to a heavy equipment or soil problems, this foundation dilemma may result in sagging floors, cracked windows, compromised insulation, etc.

No matter how minor or severe the damage is, it’s best to have it resolved in the soonest possible time. And, even if you’re not planning to put it in the market, you are still going to deal with it.

Tips On How To Avoid Foundation Problems

Even if you’re not seeing a single sign of damage, such as a cracked wall, it’s best to prevent further problems. Aside from hiring a foundation repair company to repair your home, you can do these things to protect the value of your home:

  1. The primary cause of a foundation problem is water, therefore, you have to prevent water buildup near or on the foundation. Even a simple moisture can lead to a damaged floor or wall, thus be extra cautious.
  2. Before planting, make sure that your trees are not too close to your home; otherwise, its roots may cause a number of problems in the future.

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